Bill Pappas is a Fine Art Photographer whose work features portraits of people from a visually enhanced perspective and scenic vignettes from a variety international locations. Current Exhibits/News – Page 3 – Bill Pappas Fine Art Photography

Ireland and Spain

IMG_2170CA walk through Dingle, a picturesque village in Ireland, was a treasure trove of photo ops; this is just one of them! Click on the image to see their expressions!


©Bill Pappas, 2014




Mijas And then there was Mijas, a village in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain. Again, click the image to study the faces!



©Bill Pappas, 2014



Bill juries show at Valley Art Center

These last few weeks I’ve been involved in judging an “Unaltered Images” exhibit to be held at  The Valley Art Center in Chagrin Falls.  As the deadline approaches, the entries have accelerated, and it’s nice to see some great work  in many different styles.  The only parameters for entry are that the image (whether captured digitally or by film), be essentially unchanged in Photoshop.  Any  “old school” darkroom techniques are valid, even if emulated in Photoshop. This “Jules Splashed” image of mine is being used for PR:


© Bill Pappas